Darewadi „The Village“ Part 1

Showing Sven Riesbeck and Kevin Kuhn at work in the village of Darewadi. We joined them on their last tour looking completing their surveys and findig evidence for „Open Defecation“. This shall be one of a series of videos that go further into the detail of our geographer’s work.

Cycle Rally & Toilet Inauguration

On the 14th of October we completed our final strech from Pune to Darewadi Village. Accompanied by motivated cyclists from Pune and our collegues from the Ecosan Services Foundation we took the last 30km as a team and with good spririt! We were warmly welcomed by the villagers and inaugurated the first Drytoilets of Darewadi!!!

Arrival in Pune

27th of September we arrived in Pune. We final met with Sven and Kevin and got to know the Ecosan Services Foundation Office. Our first weekend was full of Colours Music and Dance….! (unfortunately this video can only be seenin Germany with a proxy server)

Delhi & Sulabh International

We spent a few days in Delhi before heading off to Pune. We made use of our time to visit the Sulabh International Organization. The founder Dr. Pathak has provided Toilets for more than 10 million people with his organization. It is the biggest NGO in India.

The Alien Experience

„Táticas Para Convencer Uma Garota De Que Voce Veio De Outro Planeta“

…is probably one of the longest movie titles I have ever heard of, yet it is the name of a short movie. The 10min and 44seconds pass rapidly – still they tell a whole story that at its best fascinates you but at least keeps your attention to it until the end. „Táticas“ as we want to call it simply, has become a very nice piece of curitiban cinematography produced by my highly respected friends from the Asteroide Films Studio. I am very thankful for being able to work with them on this movie and I wish them all the best for their future productions!

Tanz gora – tanz!

Das Wochenende war ereignisreich, laut und bunt. Hier in Pune wurde eines der wichtigsten hinduistischen Feste gefeiert. Es ist Ganesh, dem Elefantengott gewidmet. Wir kamen genau zur richtigen Zeit, denn am Samstag sollen die Feierlichkeiten ihren Höhepunkt erreichen. Unzählige Altare fahren auf Umzugswagen mit lautstarker Musik durch die Straßen. „Tanz gora – tanz!“ weiterlesen