Guts for Change bei Arte Future

We love College

Party Teaser for the folks from “we love college”

Think Big!

Interview mit Rami Vesco für das Life Style Magazin THINK BIG in Buenos Aires. Thema: Guts for Change

Kino Arsenal 01.Juni

Harlem Shake

Der Obligatorische…

Heute mal italienisch…

Kleiner Beitrag für den Ideenwettbewerb “Premio Azzará” des italienisch Lehrstuhls des Sprachenzentrums an der Universität Passau. Es handelt sich um einen potentiellen Werbespot für das Fernsehen. “Cozze fertig” soll mit Witz und etwas Klischee die Freude am Lernen der italienischen Sprache vermitteln. Viel Spaß beim ansehen!

My Mojo

You keep thinking about home when you’re travelling – up to the point where you start idealizing everything and everyone you know or once knew. You think about the wonderful things you’ll do as soon as you get back. You come home with a bundle of good intentions and new ideas, but when you’re there, be aware of the grey and slimy routines and old habits that will haunt you and try to put you down. I miss being on the road. And the dark, cold German winter don’t make it any better! Well, I got my Mojo workin’ but it just don’t work on you…

The Alien Experience

“Táticas Para Convencer Uma Garota De Que Voce Veio De Outro Planeta”

…is probably one of the longest movie titles I have ever heard of, yet it is the name of a short movie. The 10min and 44seconds pass rapidly – still they tell a whole story that at its best fascinates you but at least keeps your attention to it until the end. “Táticas” as we want to call it simply, has become a very nice piece of curitiban cinematography produced by my highly respected friends from the Asteroide Films Studio. I am very thankful for being able to work with them on this movie and I wish them all the best for their future productions!

Never travel with Qatar Airways!

After returning from Brazil my dear friend Patrick recieved me in his appartment in Dubai again. I had left my bike with him and the stuff  I wouldn’t need in the mean time.The flight to Lahore was already booked and I knew that I would only have a few days in the city. I used that time to edit the two videos I had prepared in Curitiba about the Permaculture farmers and the Biker’s Club. Then it was time to pack my stuff and leave. Patrick brought me to the airport and we said goodbye. The guys at the security check looked a little puzzled when they saw me come with my bike fully packed, I had to answer all sorts of questions before they let me pass. When I reached the Check-in desk I was given a look as if I was a terrorist. „This Bicycle is not going anywhere!“ – said the hysterical lady who was probably in charge at that night. Read more…

Bicicletaria Cultural

There is a place in Curitiba where your bike and soul are in good hands. The Bicicletaria Cultural is a space that combines Arts and Bikes in a way that no other does, at least that is what I experienced when I took a look around. The mixture of cultural activities and workshops to repair your ride is a great idea! Patricia Valverde and Fernando Rosenbaum are not only the Founders of this institution but also Bicycle Activists fighting to make the city o Curitiba a better place!