Lahore & more


Well I had to bother Patrick another 4 days in Dubai and I was condemned to argue with the rather unfriendly Qatar Airways hotline and pay fees after fees and eventually a new flight. I got a fligth from Mumbai to Germany in order to show as my „return ticket“. The second time I went to the airport I smiled at everybody broadly and showed all the patience of the world because I had already learned that even though I purchased the ticket, I was the one who wanted something from them and so I would have to get my best slime going just as they were used to it… They let me in and I even got them to take the bike without paying extra (they tryed hard!) Five and a half hours later I was warmly welcomed in Lahore, Pakistan. The lady at the imigration desk hardly looked at my passport and waved me through with a big smile. I was helped with the bicycle by the airport staff and Waleed our host was already awaiting my arrival. It was late at night when we reached his house. Erik was already asleep, he was exhausted after spending the day hunting with Waleed’s brother. But Thomas was awake and received us at the door, after we had taken the bike off the truck. We spent another hour or so talking about all the things that had happened while we were seperated. I slept long and deep in the king size bed that Waleed’s guest room had provided for us. The next days we were taken around the city by our host who made sure that we were always well fed and entertained. Waleed is also very interested in cycling and plans a big tour together with his uncle in the north of the country next spring. He helped Erik to find a new back wheele after his rim got broken on the last few kilometers before Lahore. He made sure that all our bikes were ready to go when on the 17th of  September we headed off towards India. Thanks again to Waleed and his family!


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