Charitree Event @ YAAM Berlin on 25. of October 2015

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I am part of a group that is working to build a platform that showcases various projects in Berlin that provide innovative and sustainable solutions to help intergrate refugees in our society.Therefore we are going to host an event @ YAAM with different brilliant initiatives and projects that addresses the issues of refugees. Visitors will get the chance to get to know the work of these initiatives in an interactive way. There will be table soccer, yummie food, art and way more stuff!We are proud to host Get Engaged – a format for social innovators&makers – that will interview all of the projects live on stage!
For further details please check our website:

About the Joy of Social Adventure TEDx BSEL 2015

The day after I agreed to join a friend on a fundraising trip cycling all the way to India, I woke up hoping that saying „yes“ had only been a dream. However, it wasn’t and before long I found myself traveling 10,000km from Berlin to India by bicycle in order to raise funds for a local sanitation project. Telling the story of my adventure, I unfolds what may happen if you have the guts to combine a social cause with a crazy idea.