My Mojo

You keep thinking about home when you’re travelling – up to the point where you start idealizing everything and everyone you know or once knew. You think about the wonderful things you’ll do as soon as you get back. You come home with a bundle of good intentions and new ideas, but when you’re there, be aware of the grey and slimy routines and old habits that will haunt you and try to put you down. I miss being on the road. And the dark, cold German winter don’t make it any better! Well, I got my Mojo workin‘ but it just don’t work on you…

Last Days in India

Showing some footage from when Sven and Kevin did their survey in Darewadi and we visited the village school for the first time. We learned so many things in the last 2 months working together with Ecosan Services Foundation in the village. Thanks to all the wonderful people that supported us in India and especially Pune! (special thanks to Track&Trail!) Our bikes are packed and we’re ready to go home… it was a wonderful trip!

Darewadi „The Village“ Part2

Explaining the Drytoilet and showing us around the village – Sven and Kevin are one more time starring in in one of Guts for Changes Videos. It is their last visit to the village before they have to head back home to Germany. The villagers will definitely miss ‚em!