Arrival in India

We arrived in India on the 17th of September 2012. This historical date for the Guts for Change Movement shall be celebrated honorable and beginning with this groundbraking new Video edited and produced by Grand Master Mustard Joe himself!
Check this ish! out

Lahore & more


Well I had to bother Patrick another 4 days in Dubai and I was condemned to argue with the rather unfriendly Qatar Airways hotline and pay fees after fees and eventually a new flight. I got a fligth from Mumbai to Germany in order to show as my „return ticket“. The second time I went to the airport I smiled at everybody broadly and showed all the patience of the world because I had already learned that even though I purchased the ticket, I was the one who wanted something from them and so I would have to get my best slime going just as they were used to it… They let me in and I even got them to take the bike without paying extra (they tryed hard!) Five and a half hours later I was warmly welcomed in Lahore, Pakistan. „Lahore & more“ weiterlesen

Never travel with Qatar Airways!

After returning from Brazil my dear friend Patrick recieved me in his appartment in Dubai again. I had left my bike with him and the stuff  I wouldn’t need in the mean time.The flight to Lahore was already booked and I knew that I would only have a few days in the city. I used that time to edit the two videos I had prepared in Curitiba about the Permaculture farmers and the Biker’s Club. Then it was time to pack my stuff and leave. Patrick brought me to the airport and we said goodbye. The guys at the security check looked a little puzzled when they saw me come with my bike fully packed, I had to answer all sorts of questions before they let me pass. When I reached the Check-in desk I was given a look as if I was a terrorist. „This Bicycle is not going anywhere!“ – said the hysterical lady who was probably in charge at that night. „Never travel with Qatar Airways!“ weiterlesen

Iranian Haircut

Khoy was the first city we reached in Iran. In the streets we met a nice old man who guided us around town. After literally taking a bath in the toilet of a restaurant I felt like having my hair cut. The old man joined me to the next barbershop where I was given a thourough treatment for an hour or so. The guy made it an happening… However, I put the GoPro up and had it taking pics every 10 seconds. This is the outcome.

Bicicletaria Cultural

There is a place in Curitiba where your bike and soul are in good hands. The Bicicletaria Cultural is a space that combines Arts and Bikes in a way that no other does, at least that is what I experienced when I took a look around. The mixture of cultural activities and workshops to repair your ride is a great idea! Patricia Valverde and Fernando Rosenbaum are not only the Founders of this institution but also Bicycle Activists fighting to make the city o Curitiba a better place!

Coletivo Biowit

During my stay in Brazil I had the opportunity to visit some Permaculture Farmers in a Village close to Curitiba. Marco, Ricardo and Daniel are all members of the Biowit Collective. The idea is to promote sustainable ways of farming and finding alternatives to the so called „modern lifestyle“. The Collective has been experimenting with Compost Systems and has experienced the functionlity of drytoilets. Ricardo and his friends gave us some insights into Permaculture and explain why it works out for them.
Thanks again to the Biowit Collective

Goodbye Turkey – Hello Iran!

After we said goodbye to our last host in Turkey there were only a few kilometers missing to Iran. Crossing the iranian border we came across some of the most impressive landscapes of our trip. This is a little homage not only to the beauty of these two countries but also to a team spirit that shall remain unforgotten!

Worth a Drytoilet!

I never thought that I would get myself a tattoo. Before I came to Curitiba for the first time I actually thought tattoos were something horrible. First of all because once you have one its quite impossible to get rid of it. As I am not the most decisive kind of guy I was sure that I’d never be able to decide about a thing that would be marking me for the rest of my life.

When I first came to Curitiba two years ago, I found out that everybody I got to know here had at least one tattoo, or was about to have one done. I became interested and started to like certain tipes and styles. I was even able to assist a giant scull being tattooed on to a girls thigh. However I was still sure that I would never have a tattoo on my body. „Worth a Drytoilet!“ weiterlesen