About the Movie and Startnext

Explaining what the Documentary is going to be about an why it is worth supporting us on startnext.de. The crowdfunding deadline has been extended to the 7th of August! Please check out our incentives, get a ticket for the premiere or choose from many other interesting „ThankYous“

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Interview with Sara Joy Pond

This is an excerpt from the Interview that we made with Sara Joy Pond, an Crowdfunding expert, in Malatya, Turkey. She founded the plattform „tippingbucket.org“ ang managed to raise more than a quarter of a million US Dollars within 2 years. We took advantage of the opportunity to ask her some questions and we got very useful advice in return…

Malatya with Ercan & Sara Joy

We had a wonderful host in Malatya who not only provided us with lots of hospitality but also cheered us up with his joyful character! We got to see Mount Nemrut and were very lucky to meet Sara Joy and her friend Ammon who both encouraged us in a very competent and motivating way…

Ankara +

Primary Element is supplying the beat.“Team Takeover“ serves as an inspiration for this little Clip of our tour through Ankara to Cappadocia. Thanx to Primary Element for the music! (you can hashtag that :P)

Istanbul Part 3

We visited the Bicycle & Motorcycle Club in Istanbul. The club members were extremely nice to us and gave us good advice for the trip. They connected us with other cyclists in Iran, Pakistan and India and even helped Erik fix his bike.
Eventually we recieved our passports so that we could get the last visa and continue our trip…next stop: Ankara!

Istanbul Part2

Istanbul is a crazy city. With its more than 13,5 million inhabitants and 39 districts there is no way you’ll get bored. Waiting for the visa we had time to get to know the city. Of course we took care of our bikes first. See what else we came across…

Istanbul Part1

This is how we arrived in Istanbul. Welcomed by our fellow cyclist Murat who showed us the way into the city. Finally we fund ourselves dancing in a big circle of people at the Galata tower. We had made 3000km by then…